Cursos Grupales


Residences for learning about sustainable printmaking


Printmaking, the environment and Mexico’s cultural wealth.

An experience that brings together art, conscientious use of natural resources and discovery of the cultural wealth of the region.

Intended for groups, these programs seek to communicate and share the spirit of La Ceiba Gráfica, which pursues integration of the practice of the artist with the traditional trades that make it possible, in a context of respect and care for the environment and with a focus on the region’s great cultural wealth.


We have designed four different programs that engage with aspects of our work and our surroundings. Each of these focuses on an artistic production project related to one of the areas of specialization and research we have developed at La Ceiba Gráfica.


v      Landscape drawing and lithography

v      Lithography from scratch – stone, cotton, grease and charcoal

v      Moku hanga and the natural world

v      Artistic work, natural resources and cultural wealth


These programs are offered to groups of between five and fifteen and can last between three and ten days. They include local transport, meals, talks, demonstrations, classes, technical assistance with artistic work and materials. Timetables are flexible and are worked out to suit the needs of each group.


Programs are structured around a schedule of outings, talks, demonstrations and studio work. All the activities, locations and outings are intended to provide first-hand knowledge that helps to enrich the experience.

La Ceiba Gráfica can provide transport to and from Mexico City international airport to our hacienda in Coatepec.


Programs run by La Ceiba Gráfica have been approved by the university of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Moore College of Art in Philadelphia.