The building that houses the Center is one of great beauty and of historical importance for the region. It was granted to our association in gratuitous loan by the Veracruz State Government in order to develop the La Ceiba Gráfica project. 


Given the poor condition of the building when we first took it over, we have undertaken enormous efforts to restore the magnificent space and make it suitable for use by our collective project. From the outset we have engaged in restoration, refurbishment and maintenance work on the building, gardens and surrounding areas.


The initial renovation was very arduous, given that the building had been wholly abandoned for the previous fourteen years. The first ten months of work, carried out by volunteers and associates, involved intensive cleaning, waterproofing, clearing of garden areas, restoration of floors, windows and furnishings. During this stage we benefitted from financial support from the State Government.

In subsequent years most of the improvements to the building have been carried out using our own resources, although we have received intermittent support from government and private bodies. This has enabled us to continue with restoration, furnishing, decoration, restoration of original features, gardening, replacement of decayed beams, renovation of the drainage system and reroofing.


We are only too aware that much remains to be done and we are committed to continuing our efforts so that this historically-significant building is restored to its original beauty and is maintained in good condition. For this purpose we invite all those interested in the restoration of the hacienda to support our work with a donation.