Ever since La Ceiba Gráfica was first established, lithography has been the central pivot of our activity. The technique of lithography makes use of the same principles developed in Germany by Alois Senefelder in 1796. Our workshops are notable for the use of Mexican marble from quarries in the state of Veracruz and for large-format work.


Our facilities include two spaces dedicated to lithography: the lithography experimentation workshop and the production workshop, both of which benefit from the experience and knowledge developed by Per Anderson over more than 40 years of artistic work in Mexico.


The production workshop is dedicated to producing editions of medium and large format lithographic work and is equipped with the presses and tools donated by Per Anderson when La Ceiba was founded. In this workshop highly-experienced master printers are responsible for offering technical advice to artists and for the printing process, ensuring production is of the highest quality. It has one large lithography press and stones in a great range of sizes, which can be used for prints up to 130 X 90 centimeters in size. There is an offset press adapted to print stones up to 50 X 70 cm. with precise registration for polychromatic printing.


The experimental workshop is a space for artists and students to learn to handle lithography equipment and materials, and where they can practice the technique, experiment or produce their own editions. The two presses – known to us as “chaneques” – were designed and built by La Ceiba Gráfica and are noted for being simple to operate, enabling easy handling of formats up to 40 X 50 centimeters. In this area introductory courses and practice in lithography is taught, and it is ideal for developing the technical skills of newcomers to the technique.


Both workshops make use of equipment and material designed and produced by La Ceiba itself. Locally-sourced marble or onyx stones are used for drawing on with our own lithographic pencils, tusche and crayons, while leather rollers and lithography presses of our own manufacture are used in printing.

The work undertaken in both workshops has transformed La Ceiba Gráfica into the leading center for lithography production and teaching in the country, thanks to the level of technical excellence achieved, the rate of production, the facilities as well as the quality of the instructors who lead the classes.