Our relief and etching workshop provides the equipment and space required for both professional production and teaching printmaking using linotype, woodblock, etching techniques and monotype. It offers interactive visits, courses, experimental work and the production of artist’s editions.


It is a workshop open to experimentation with new ways to implement traditional printmaking techniques, and has seen the production of large-scale prints, the use of non-traditional supports and the development of non-toxic and environmentally-friendly methods. The workshop has also been furnished with equipment for electrolytic etching, for those interested in learning and developing this alternative metal etching technique.


In order to make use of the workshop, users must have a good basic knowledge of how it works, and the technique to be employed. Those without such knowledge must first take our introductory course.


There are three presses, for work up to 70 X 120 cm.


The workshop coordinator, Rafael Ruiz Moreno, has extensive experience in etching techniques, the product of 20 years’ work as a printmaker. During this time he has developed his own language that takes advantage of the specific characteristics of etching, based on registering progressive transformations of the plates.