In the area of lithography this research is led by Per Anderson, who since 1998 has dedicated himself to developing this technique in Mexico in order to produce the equipment and materials it requires.

His research is notable for salvaging traditional methods of manufacturing lithographic equipment and materials, and adapting them for use with locally-sourced raw materials.


From 2009 the Universidad Veracruzana has supported this research, incorporating Per Anderson into its research staff.


This research includes:


Study and experimentation for the adaptation of traditional methods for producing lithographic tusche, crayons and pencils, making use of locally-obtained raw materials.


Design and production of levigators, leather rollers, straight edges and lithographic presses, working together with local master craftsmen, including carpenters, mechanics, smelters and leather workers.


Sampling of marble and onyx stones from quarries in the region in order to determine through experimentation, which are suitable for use in lithography. Procedures for leveling and preparing the stones for use in lithography.


Research and production of lithographic inks making use of traditional methods and materials.