Letter from the director


Here at La Ceiba we are dedicated to developing traditional printmaking that promote collective work and demand concentration, patience, time and dedication. Our unique surroundings work to counteract the search for whatever is fast and easy, which seems to pervade all areas of human activity today.

We are dedicated to making use of local resources (both human and natural) for the manufacture of the materials and equipment required by our artistic practice. We believe that it is important to generate counterbalances to the imbalances of globalization. In developing our artistic labors we seek to reduce the consumption of objects and materials manufactured in other parts of the world, thus reducing the dependence on foreign imports.


The materials and tools we manufacture reflect our surroundings, the trades practiced in the region, the natural resources available to us, and the recovery and updating of formulae and methods originating in the ancient printmaking tradition.


Our achievements have led us to trust in the transformative capacity of collective effort and in the path we have established as a non-profit civil association, seeking to meet its commitment to society and the environment while retaining its full independence.


We believe that to continue to advance and expand the scope of our projects it is indispensable to continue to gather the ideas, efforts and resources of those who feel an affinity with our institution. We extend an invitation to all those interested in becoming involved with the project, whether as an artist, resident, student or promoter. Our pleasure in being part of La Ceiba Gráfica increases as more people participate and benefit from the project.


Welcome to La Ceiba Gráfica: a unique space for art.


Rafael Ruiz Moreno