Per Anderson has extended his research to the manufacture of cotton-rag paper for use in printmaking.


In 2009 he began to investigate and experiment with traditional procedures for producing cotton-rag paper. He has worked on the design of machinery and procedures for milling waste textiles to obtain pulp that can be used in manufacturing paper. He has experimented with different ways of drying the paper to find the best procedure, taking into account the local climate. He has also designed and fitted out work spaces to enable efficient production while retaining the manual character of the work.


His research has led him to seek advice from specialists in the field, including:

Inger Drougger Huddiksvall, Sweden – Artist 

Alberto Valenzuela, San Agustín Etla – Oaxaca

Margarita Orozco, San Miguel de Allende – Artist

Robert Williams Paper Museum – Atlanta, Georgia

Dieu Donné – New York

Tumba Paper Mill Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

Litografiska Akademin Tidaholm, Sweden

The Paper Mill Museum, Zwonitz, Germany

Fabriano Museum, Fabriano, Italy


Currently, the research is focused on perfecting the procedures followed in order to improve the quality and expand the range of papers produced.


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