Guided Visits


The guided visit consists of a tour through the former Hacienda of La Orduña, the home of La Ceiba Gráfica, during which we will present some of the most important aspects of the history of the site and the activities we now carry out here.


The aim of the tour is to present the range of activities implemented in the historical building and to give an overview of traditional printmaking techniques.

These visits are offered to individuals or groups of up to 30 people. An appointment is required to ensure we are ready for you. To arrange a visit, please telephone 01(228) 816-93-30 or write an email to:


Suitable for: everyone with an interest in art and culture (children, young people and adults).



Monday to Friday, 10-2 and 4-6.

Saturdays, 10-2


Reception and introductory presentation

Explanation of the history of the former Ex Hacienda of La Orduña

Description of the work carried out by La Ceiba Gráfica

Tour of the facilities

Duration: 1 hour
Cost per person: $30
Children under 10 accompanied by an adult: free.
School groups: $15 per child