Who we are


La Ceiba Gráfica is a center for the arts and for artist residencies specializing in teaching, production and research into printmaking and other visual arts. We form part of the non-profit civil association Artistas Veracruzanos Bajo la Ceiba. Our project is renowned for using sustainable and environmentally-friendly techniques and materials, the equipment and materials we manufacture ourselves (eliminating costly imports) and for our research into recovering and updating traditional printmaking techniques.


An experience that brings together art, the environment and society

The center specializes in three areas of printmaking: traditional lithography, moku hanga (traditional Japanese woodblock printing) and etching. Many of Mexico’s leading artists have produced prints here. There are also spaces dedicated to manufacturing paper, to sculpture, ceramics, large-format painting and carpentry. The grand and tranquil spaces of the Hacienda of La Orduña together with its terraces and gardens are uniquely conducive to creative work. Today it is a space for learning and discovery for everyone, from children, adults and school groups from the region to artists who come from around Mexico and the whole world to work and study in our unique facilities.