Living in La Ceiba




At Ceiba Gráfica we have a fully-equipped kitchen including basic ingredients (water, sugar, salt and cooking oil) for residents to prepare meals. This is not the only option, with several dining alternatives available in the town of Coatepec, 10 minutes drive from the hacienda, ranging from small cafés to traditional restaurants, such as Casa Andrade, mostly located around the central plaza. More upscale restaurants include Posada Coatepec for gourmet food, or Al Andaluz for international fare.

The village that is home to La Ceiba Gráfica, La Orduña, has small stores where basic supplies are available, but for greater variety it is necessary to head for Coatepec where there is an excellent traditional market (close to the central plaza), stores selling regional organic produce and a supermarket.


Every working day staff and residents gather for a light lunch, for which a small cooperation is requested.



The nearest laundry is five minutes’ walk from La Ceiba Grafica in the direction of La Orduña’s plaza.

Hospitals and Medical Services


The best hospitals are located in the city of Xalapa, but doctors are available in La Orduña for minor ailments at a consultation fee of $300-500 pesos. La Ceiba Gráfica has a first-aid kit.


In Coatepec there are a number of pleasant bars, billiard halls and cafés. For cultural events and art films, the city of Xalapa has an ample program of concerts, films and exhibitions.



Coatepec is set in the central mountainous region of the state of Veracruz, in an area known as the cloud forest. The climate is sub-tropical, humid and temperate with an average temperature of 19.2 °C. The region is a rainy one, with an average annual rainfall of 1,926 mm.


The dry months are March and April. Given the high levels of humidity throughout the rest of the year and the altitude, Coatepec is surrounded by tropical montane cloud forest, which is home to tree species including alamillo, palo de baqueta, sweet-gum, patula pine, palo barranco, aspens, cedar and ocozote and the habitat for falcons, sparrowhawks, armadillos, rabbits, tlacuaches, badgers, wild doves, raccoons and many others just as significant.