…it is very close to the paradise all artists dream of. At La Ceiba I learned the technique of stone lithography, leaving two medium-size prints and a folder with seven more. I was very sad to leave. Mexico is a country I would love to live in. I don’t have to explain the reason why to anyone who has been there, and the best reply is simply to go find out for yourself.

Alejandro Santos


"They say that Paradise and Hell are both to be found here on Earth. To spend a few days in La Ceiba Grafica; eating delicious food, sleeping surrounded by silence and trees, practicing tai-chi and above all... to be CREATING!!!!!!! What more can I ask for? This is a little part of Paradise. My thanks to everyone, teachers, administrative staff, cooks, gardeners, the sky, earth, air… everyone”

Irma Keever


I don’t know of anywhere else quite like La Ceiba Gráfica. The combination of excellence in printmaking practice and research into sustainable technologies; its location in the superb former Hacienda de la Orduña in one of Mexico’s richest areas in terms of culture and traditions; and the friendly, family-like atmosphere created by each of the individuals who work here, all make it the ideal place for those who seek an enriching experience in connection with artistic creation and reflection.

Javier Arean

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