Lithography materials


Lithography Materials

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The production of lithography equipment at La Ceiba Gráfica meets the objective of revitalizing the practice of lithography in Mexico, which has been in decline due to the high cost of equipment and materials and the difficulty of obtaining them in this country.


The package of equipment we offer is the product of the research carried out here in Coatepec, Veracruz, by artist Per Anderson, who over twelve years ago set himself the task of producing all the components necessary to the lithographic process taking advantage of the raw materials available locally and the trades practiced in the region.

This initiative led to creation of the design and manufacturing processes for the presses, stones, rollers, levigators, straight edges, crayons, pencils and tusche that make up our package of lithography equipment, put to the test for more than a decade in over 25 different workshops, including numerous universities and art centers.

Our products are not distributed independently, as we prefer to establish direct contact with all those interested in acquiring the equipment in order to establish a network of exchange, and provide support and technical advice regarding its correct use.


Given its characteristics this equipment is unique and cannot be found anywhere else in Mexico. Our prices not only represent a fair payment for their manufacture, but are also very competitive with regard to imported products, which can cost up to three times as much.