Mexican marble lithography stones


Lithography Materials



     Straight Edge

     Mexican marble...

     Small press

     Medium lithography...

     Multipurpose support

     Tusche, pencils...

     Cotton rag paper

Printmaking applied...

Quarries in Veracruz, Puebla and Guerrero extract the marble that has been used at our center for developing lithography techniques for over 14 years, constantly providing excellent results.


Blocks are selected in the quarry and cut to size, taking care to make sure the natural veining of the stone does not interfere with the future quality of printing.


In order to prepare the cut stone blocks for use in lithography it is necessary to level and grain them using increasingly fine grades of carborundum grit, all of which is done before it is offered for sale.

USE: Lithography
ORIGIN: Mexico
AVAILABLE SIZES: 40 x 50 cm, 50 x 60 cm, 50 x 64 cm and 65 x 80 cm.




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